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Frequently Asked Questions about Promotion

  • Our service is used by thousands of people. If you order a promotion, our users will perform certain actions of your choice - for example, go to the site from the search engine, click on the advertisement or put a kid. For this they receive a small fee. Thus, advertisers get natural traffic and carry out their tasks with live people, and our users are motivated for quality work, as they get paid for it.
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Frequent problems

  • Make sure you have added funds to the campaign account, and not to your account account. To transfer funds from your account to your campaign account, on the "Your Sites" page, click the dollar icon () next to the campaign name.
  • It is possible that your campaign has run out of times to show. Try adding times for the selected campaign (column "times to show on the account" on the "Your sites" page .
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  • You may be using geographic or demographic targeting that is too limited. If, for example, there are not enough users of the system in the selected regions, the number of visits will decrease. Try to expand geography. As for demographic targeting, we recommend using it only when promoting in social networks.
  • This campaign may be configured for less than 1 impression per day for one IP. Try to increase this amount. This parameter is changed when editing an ad campaign in the "advanced settings" section.
  • You can also enable the "Unique IP for the whole category" setting, which means that the number of visits available for a particular user within each campaign will be distributed among all campaigns in the category with this setting. Because of this, the number of visits may decrease.
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Frequently Asked Questions about earnings

  • Most likely, you recently replenished your account through one payment system and are now trying to withdraw funds through another. This violates the rules for using the service (point 1.6):
    The use of the IPweb.ru system as an exchange for Internet currencies / payment systems is strictly forbidden. In the event of a user replenishing the account in one currency / payment system and then attempting to withdraw funds in another currency / payment system, the account is blocked with all funds on the account.
  • To remove the blocking, you must spend something from your funds to pay for services on our site. After that, write to the support team and the lock will be removed.
  • Credits can be spent on promotion instead of money or used to spread your reflink. To use credits, order an advertising campaign "Free Visits on 1 page". If you do not want to receive credits for viewing sites, go to your personal account and tick the checkbox "Do not show sites for credits".
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  • First of all, click the "complain" button in the task itself and describe in detail the essence of the problem. The location of the button is shown in the screenshot. How to complain on a task If you timely complained about an uncommitted task through this button, the moderator will check the assignment and charge you the due reward.
  • If you have already closed the task tab or for some other reason want to contact the support directly, be sure to copy the address of the task (for example, the address of the VKontakte group to which you want to join) and attach a link to the appeal. When contacting the support you should also attach a screenshot of the completed task .
  • Before you can approve a YouTube task, you need to take a longer pause . This is due to the fact that YouTube processes the results of users actions not immediately and it takes time to fix them in the database.
  • If this does not help, send a complaint to the moderators about the task that was completed by clicking the button "I do not agree, the task was executed correctly". In this case, the job will be rechecked after a while, and the payment is credited to your account, which you will receive a "bell" message.

General issues

  • Why use IPweb Surf?
    With our earnings program, you can receive many more sites and tasks. In addition, earning through the program is more convenient than earnings through the browser - for example, it can include automatic checking of the availability of new jobs.
  • Where can I get the latest version of the program?
    The latest version can be downloaded here.
  • What do I need to work with the program?
    This requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. It is usually preinstalled on Windows, but if you do not have it, download and install .
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  • Connect your accounts in social networks to the IPweb account in your account on the tab social networks.
  • Use the IPweb Surf earnings program.
  • Work during the day (during working hours).
  • Subscribe to the newsletter in the personal account.
  • Regularly clean the cookies and cache of the IPweb Surf program. To do this, open the "File" menu item and select "Clear cookies and browser cache".

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